John Turenne, founder and President of Sustainable Food Systems, was one of the lead innovators in sustainable food practices during the creation of the Yale Sustainable Food Project.

Realizing the impact of food service decision-making on the world around us, John transformed a conservative university food service model, of which he has 25 years experience, to create a sustainable dining program through careful planning, teaching and development.

John Turenne continues as a leading innovator in bridging the gap between conventional and sustainable dining programs working with the Culinary Institute of America, Harvard Medical School, The New Hampshire Department of Education, Kaiser Permanente as well as several public hospital and school systems.

Recently, Sustainable Food Systems was invited to work with nine other chefs from around the country and White House chef, Sam Kass, to help establish Chefs Move to Schools, a branch of Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign  to fight childhood obesity and raise healthy kids.  We also worked as chef consultants side-by-side with Jamie Oliver, on the Emmy-winning TV show, Food Revolution, successfully implementing a district-wide school food makeover in Cabell County, WV.

John Turenne and Sustainable Food Systems continue to harvest national and international recognition.