SUTRA means rope or bridge between body and soul. We create a relaxing and balancing aromatherapy products for your body and soul needs, suite for your healthy and modern lifestyle. Our products formulated using only 100% pure essential oils, providing true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

Our ongoing scientific research and cutting-edge production facility ensure that every SUTRA products consistently leads the purity, quality and effectiveness. Our knowledge in every angle of essential oils and our numerous excellent testimony from the user, built up through the years, means that we are able to offer you high quality essential oils at an affordable price.

Tropical Bioessence Sdn Bhd. (TBESB). Is an established company based in Research and Development (R & D) in the field of essential oils and herbal extracts that have been conducted in Melaka Biotechnology Corporation.  TBESB are focusing on the production of commercial products based on aromatherapy and herbal extract of aromatic plants and medicine in Malaysia.
Tropical  Bioessence Sdn.Bhd. produces aromatherapy products under the brand named SUTRA and the products we produced are:
-Pure Essential Oil
-Essential Oil blended
-Massage Oil
-Therapeutic massage oil
-Foot and Bath salts
-Handmade Soap
-Shower Gel
-Diffuser Oil
Tropical Bioessence Sdn. Bhd. is a GMP standard factory, a Halal certificate and BioNexus class owned 100% Bumiputera in Masjid Tanah Melaka, Malaysia.
Produce a variety of products such as;
Herbal Extract
Oil Extract
Perfumed Oil
Bath Salts
Massage Oil
Tropical Bioessence Sdn Bhd (TBESB) is a major manufacturer in Malaysia for the products of essential oils,essential oil products based as well as herbal extracts of local herbs. TBESB achievement to date reflects the close cooperation with industry trends and the value of natural herbal products to our customers.
Tropical Bioessence Sdn. Bhd. starting with the design of research-development-commercialization in March 2005 in Melaka Biotechnology Institute. The company and our factory has been operating for two years and has also become a major supplier of herbal extracts and aromatherapy herbs plants.
The company also now has BioNexus status of Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn. Bhd. The plant also has Halal certification from the Melaka Islamic Religious Department (JAIM).We are also the only manufacturer of herbs and extracts in Malaysia, Muslim products and premier of Bumiputera companies in Malaysia.
The company also has the latest machine production system. Plant production system using a fully automated machine with a direct guarantee of cleanliness, purity and efficiency of each company products.
Among the production equipment, including machines belonging to steam distillation, multipurpose Extractor, Extractor water, spray dryer, oven dryer, milling, blending and Bottling equipment.