Elegant Group Inc's Suzahdi has completed more than 35,000 bespoke classic and cosplay leather orders since its startup date in 2012. The company focuses on customer appreciation, ethical business processes, and quality craftsmanship. Exit strategy? When work is this rewarding, why exit? The veteran made-to-order SMB team of tailors handcraft biker, blazer, bomber, flight, vest, duster, and racer leather jackets for men and women in classic and cosplay designs.

Suzahdi offers sixty creations inspired by fashions that celebrities and beautiful everyday people wear every day, such as Connery wore in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Jackman in Wolverine, Jackson in Beat It and Thriller, Swan in Once Upon a Time, Fraser in Outlander, and Cruise in Top Gun. The company does not own any of the original designs; it is inspired to create handsome fashions similar by the request of clients. Love. Leather. Together. = the company's goal.