I’ve always had a passion for capturing the moment. When my children were growing up, I started to take lots of pictures of them.
In a time when social media and camera phones were non-existent and the selfie wasn’t invented yet; I knew I wanted those memories to last a lifetime and I wanted to have them with me forever. The camera became my sidekick and I rarely left home without it.
While my youngest was still in high school, I began taking local photography classes and exploring different digital mediums to create custom artwork for friends and family. I came up with various concepts and truly enjoyed seeing the expressions on their faces when they viewed their artwork for the first time. I also happen to find working on my craft to be therapeutic and calming. When life moved into the next phase and I became an “empty nester”, I ramped up my travel. I love to explore new places and see the beauty that exists in everyday life around the world. I fused my passion for travel, photography and digital art to emerge as a game changer on the art scene. I love to work with different mediums and textures and create one of a kind pieces for my clients. In addition, I transform my travel photographs into unique, limited edition, digital paintings which are printed on HD Metal with stunning vibrant colors. My work has been featured in businesses and homes around the world.
Through my eyes, the ordinary becomes extraordinary and I want to share that with others.