*Do you dream of waking up every morning excited about your day?
*Do you dream of a fulfilling life but don’t quite know what that looks like?
*Do you dream of living your life on your terms?
*Do you dream of having enough money to support your life?

My “Live Your Dreams” Coaching Program was created with you in mind. The proven insights gained from coaching clients to success and overcoming my own self-limiting beliefs were its inspiration and are outlined in my book, The Sound of My Life. Together, we identify areas of self-sabotage and debunk fears that hold you hostage to an unfulfilling existence.

Whether it’s coaching a college student who is transitioning to the working world, a single-again man or woman who is rebuilding after a divorce, a dream-preneur who wishes to accelerate their progress or a citizen of life who simply wants something more, I coach from the inside out.

I am a graduate from UNC-Greensboro where I obtained my Bachelors Degree in 1982, continuing my education at Wake Tech where I received an Associates Degree in Human Services Technology, specializing in Substance Abuse Counseling and later, a coaching certification with honors from the Coaching Academy of North America. Although I am proud of these accomplishments, what I bring to the coaching profession of most significance is a tested program and satisfied clients.

**I'm happy to offer--with no obligation--a free 30-minute consultation. Call or email me today.**