SVM Global are a leading global reseller and distributor of corporate gift cards providing eCodes and gift vouchers for the B2B and corporate gifting market. Founded in the USA in 1997 we also have European operations which launched in 2008, serving over 500 brands across 40+ countries

eGifts and Gift Cards have a positive effect when used:

As sales or marketing incentives
To reward employees
To motivate 3rd parties, affiliates or resellers
To give instant thanks for a job well done
To form part of your ongoing employee rewards and benefits

Recognition and reward are key factors in making people feel valued, loyal and engaged - whether that is staff or customers.


- 73% of employees credit recognition for having a positive impact on their happiness at work
- Happy employees achieve their goals 31% more often and are 36% more motivated in their work
- Organizations with the recognition practices are 12 times more likely to have strong business outcomes
-Happy employees are 12% more productive than normal - yet unhappy employees are 10% less productive than normal

SVM Global allow the provision of eGifts and gift cards that can be adapted to suit personality types, tracked to see their return on investment and branded to enhance your image.

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