Scott Wood Associates was founded in 2008 in Gig Harbor, WA and as experts in infrared thermography instruction and investigation have provided numerous publications, clinics, workshops and presentations.
One of his recent publications includes the appendix G for the IEA ECBCS Annex 46, Energy Process Assessment Protocol for the use of thermography in building energy assessments.
For over a decade Scott has provided training, investigations and consulting for architectural, engineering, construction, manufacturers, learning institutions and investigative firms such as USAR, ServPro, SGH, WJE and VaproShield. He is a founding member and treasurer of IACT, voting member of ASTM, member of MACBI and NIBS.
Using the latest building science technology SWA Consulting provides; building performance, diagnostic studies, performance characteristics, building forensics investigations, leak investigation, using non-invasive inspection techniques and remote sensing technique, for convenient and economical reporting.

Where we excel:
Building Envelope Consulting
Air Barrier Consulting
Condition Monitoring
Construction Defect Investigations
Design Review for Air Barrier, Moisture Barrier & Thermal Barrier Systems
Energy Audits

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