Swan Global Direct is an outsourced event sales and marketing company providing an unrivalled service throughout Newcastle and the North East of England. Swan Global Direct's business models and systematic approach allow them to provide top quality results for their clients, from brand awareness to customer acquisitions. It is Swan Global Direct's team of highly skilled individuals who pride themselves on being the best across the events and promotions sector that are integral to their current and future success. Through Swan Global Direct's face-to-face presentations at retail events and in-store promotions they deliver a unique service to their national clients. Swan Global Direct's highly professional representatives provide professional presentations to more than 1000 new customers every day. Through their personal approach they offer a service that conventional methods of marketing cannot offer to their clients. Swan Global Direct puts their success and high quality results down to the individual training offered which allows a personal touch to an individuals' own career development. The voice of Swan Global Direct's representatives is key to their growth and development as an organisation allowing them to continue to be the best at what they do. The success and growth of their clients is paramount to the future plans of Swan Global Direct. It is the strong client-company relationship that will spearhead expansions across the UK and overseas in the near future. Swan Global Direct works with Fortune 100 and 500 service companies as a middleman and liaison to secure their lasting relationships with their customer base. The more personal and direct effectiveness of face to face presentations at retail events allows for their clients to have an extended relationship with their customers. It accomplishes what many traditional forms of sales and marketing such as telemarketing, e-mails, direct mail, commercials, and billboards can not. In addition, Swan Global Direct offers a more cost efficient way for these companies to have a sales and marketing team externally specializing and producing faster and greater results.