swastik seeds pvt ltd was established by sudha chaitnaya endreddy with a moto to give farmers a best quality seeds.
We are major seed suppliers in chilli through out india untill now.
No we have entered in fresh vegetable market. We provide a wide range of vegetables seeds.
Here are the products that are available. Tomato seeds, bitter gourd seeds, bottle gourd seeds, ridge gourd seeds, snake gourd seeds,
cucumber seeds, chilli seeds, cabbage seeds, caulliflower seeds, carrot seeds, radish seeds, long beans seeds, dolichos seeds, bhendi seeds and much more. while coming to melons we supply water melon ice box seeds and yellow muskmelon seeds.
And we are bringing even more.

Every product gives you high yield and makes you to earn more income. As our seeds are treated with 6+ Nano technolgy which is an israel technology. It is very helpful in plant to grow faster than other plants with strong root system. And it also increases plant resistance by 30 percent that the other products which reduces plants to get attacked by viruses and other pothogenic deseases. And also with less water plants can withheld more time and be very healthy.
It has 4 major stages. Sterilization Process, Boostup Process, Fencing Process, A-Z Process.
In Sterilization Process seeds are setrilized in 6 stages.
Boostup Process, increases root system by 40 percent more than other normal roots.
Fencing process, it prevents infections to plants.
A-Z process supplies all vitamins that are need to the plant to become healthy.

Using the above technology Farmers got very good result and they got and yield of 45- 50 qnt / acre of dry red chilli.
Amaravathy 339 is one of our best research chilli which gave good results through out Andhra and Karnataka states.
Swastik Teja is one of our best F1 Hybrid Chilli which gave the best results through out india.
We are introducing the F1 Hybrid Chillies SS-4 and SS-786 (No-5). SS-786 is improted from korea.
Here are the caracteristics of SS-4
Plant Habbit                :     Tall Spreading

Days to First Picking   :     65-70 Days

Fruit Length                :     10-11 cm

Fruit Diameter            :     1-1.1 cm

Fruit Surface              :     Smooth

Fruit Color-Unripe      :     Green

Fruit Color-Ripe         :     Deep Red

Pungency                  :     Medium

Remarks                   :     Very High Yielding, Good Color Rejevenation,
                                        Tolerant to Cold and Heat
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For more information contact us at admin@swastikseeds.com or AT 0863-2354446.