Southwestern Custom Construction LLC is a general contracting company that handles construction, tenant improvement, remodeling, property maintenance, and HVAC needs in both the commercial and residential marketplaces. They are dedicated to contributing to the local business market and working closely with their customers to achieve ultimate satisfaction with their services.

Founded in 2006, by Nicolas Marietta, Southwestern Custom Construction LLC established itself in the property rehab area, which involved renovation of several single-family custom homes, ground up residential custom homes and rehabbing foreclosed homes for equity investors, portfolio managers, property owners and property management companies. Since inception, Southwestern Custom Construction LLC has been dedicated to being a primary contributor to the growth and development of the communities it serves. During the late 2000s, they became active in the single-residential market and have successfully completed several million square feet of rehab and remodel construction utilizing this method. Since then, Southwestern Custom Construction LLC has developed into a full-fledged entity servicing both residential and commercial markets