The On-Demand Economy is the economic activity created by technology companies that helps meet consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services. Swell Service http://www.swellservice.com is an on demand service that has launched in Perth Western Australia and has plans to launch in other major Australian cities before moving to other cities around the world.

With the growing need for ease of access to service, Swell service is a perfect model because customers can now buy services like they would buy goods from "ebay" or Amazon and are saved the hustle of searching through several websites to find the best deal since swell service will have most services providers under one roof (swellservice.com). The on-demand economy is a consequence of four factors which have facilitated the exponential growth of the visible changes in the aspirations of an average smart consumer's wishful commerce - technological advancements, investor interest & access to capital, changes in consumer behaviour & demand, and new methods of supplying services. Collectively, these forces are leading a transformation in commerce that instantly connects consumers with products and services.

With the world having embraced online services it is a no brainer that reliability is a key factor to the success of any services offered online. There are now several search engine websites like Google that can help us locate local services online. It is however interesting to note that most people still buy local services (think plumbing, air conditioning, handyman, petty errands, cleaning and many more) pretty much the same way our grandparents did. We use a directory to search for services, well in most cases Google or other search engines and review sites. But even after spending hours scanning through the results and reading reviews, we still have to check references, call around the to compare prices and then schedule a time which in most cases is to the service provider's convenience and not the customer and that means we have to give up our time during the day to wait for the service provider to do the task. Needless to say this current process is broken.

SwellService has looked at every single step and has put all this in one platform. The process is via our website http://www.swellservice.com and our mobile app, it is faster, reliable, convenient, and easier revolutionary way of buying local services online.

While the unemployment rate is sitting around the 6% mark, the real figure is actually higher when you consider those that are underemployed and the discouraged jobseeker, the figure is actually around 13% and this is according to the Australian bureau of statistics.

As much as most Australians have not generally dropped the old habits of doing things like shopping and buying services, more and more people are seeking more convenient ways, this could simply be due to people getting busy with other things, current trends or even laziness. This is a good indicator that the on demand service industry is going to continue to grow. According to CCB insights and c-net.com the on demand financing trend continuously grown from USD $57M in 2010 to USD $79M in 2014 and is poised to hit USD $140 in 2015.

Investors in the on demand market have improved by about 316%. Uber has had the biggest share of the investment but even without Uber investment in the on demand economy raised more than USD $ 3.89B from just 250 deals.

About Swell Service
Swell Service is an on demand home service provider headquartered in Perth Western Australia.