The down and dirty of the swine flu.  This site is not for the weak of heart but neither is sickness and death.  You will need the information on this site, the links to valuable sources of information, the products and services sold on this site, and immediate access as the days and months move through 2009.  The Good Lord willing, 2009 will be the worst of the Novel H1N1 A Influenza, otherwise if history repeats herself flu epidemics have wiped out one third of the world's population in the past, so Awareness is Preparedness.
Dr. Chloe Faith Walker runs and owns a court approved anger managment program.  A retired research psychologist she also spends her spare time disseminating educational information to the public about health and social issues like Novel H1N1 A Influenza, and anger management.
The Ministry of C Faith Walker is listed on Dun & Bradstreet CCR 826506375, ORCA, Bincs, Hoovers, NPI, NATO, and CAQH credentials.