Swingbox ™ is the world's best and smallest golf indoor practice net type device.

It has a very small footprint and its small size allows golf practice almost anywhere one can comfortably swing a golf club.  It can be used almost anywhere a typical golf net is used and more!!

There are a lot of advantages to Swingbox ™, but the single most important advantage is that it has such a small footprint.

It basically allows a golfer to practice his/her swing almost anywhere!!

Watch the videos!  You have to see it to believe it!*

Main Advantages

Swingbox ™ is the world's smallest golf net type device. It has a very small footprint.  Returns the golf ball to you!

Several patents pending. Inventor, Joseph Lee (also a lasik doctor). Product Launch December, 15, 2011

Swingbox ™ small footprint. It covers angles that golf nets cover, but because so close, the size can be much smaller.

Because it can be placed 9 inches away from a wall,makes even a small 8 by 10 room a potential site for Swingbox ™.

Swingbox ™ also returns the ball to you. Most golf hitting nets, you have to go pick up the ball after each hit.

Swingbox ™ gives you good feedback. It lets you know if you hit the golf ball to the left or right by how it descends.

Many other Advantages

Swingbox ™ has a much better sound when the ball hits it, compared to a normal net which catches the ball but lets
the ball bounce on the floor. To a golfer, a golf ball hitting a solid floor is a very unpleasant sound.   Whereas, with Swingbox ™, when the ball hits it, there is a nice thud sound.

Swingbox ™ gives feedback on how well you hit the ball. Watch the video to understand this.

Swingbox ™ because it has such a small footprint, it can be left in place when not in use, and that permits ease of use. For example, if it is in the garage, the car can be pulled out of the garage and the player can practice! Unlike with typical nets that take up much more space which require assembly prior to each use and then requires dissasembly. Just the thought of setting up and taking down a net can eliminate the desire to practice.

Swingbox ™ gives a lot of positive reinforcement. It is visually very satisfying to watch (not as fun as a perfect drive on the 18th of pebble beach) and when the ball is hit well, the ball descends down the face of the device in a waterfall fashion, slowly. It is visually stimulating. When a golf ball is hit into a net, the ball rattles around and it is hard to tell when a ball is hit well or poorly.

Swingbox ™ saves money. A trip to the driving range can cost between $8 to $20. Assuming the average is $10, if a player uses Swingbox ™ once a week, in a year, it has payed for itself. If a player uses Swingbox ™ twice a week, it has payed for itself in half a year.

Swingbox ™ saves time. Although Swingbox ™ saves money, time is even more important for some players. It is not possible for most people to go to the driving range evey day because it takes on average 30 minutes to get to the driving range and 30 minutes to go home. That's an hour. So, not possible to go to the driving range every day. With Swingbox ™, a player can easily practice for 20 minutes a day.

Swingbox ™ is good exercise.