Our mission is to help you succeed in a competitive, digital world. Our many years of experience in web design and development, combined with our one-stop service, can help you with all your digital needs.

Perhaps because he was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland our founder's vision of perfection and precision is carried through in every project that we undertake. Your satisfaction with our work is of paramount importance to us.

What makes us different?
We're not just into creating pretty graphics. Instead we offer complete solutions on every aspect of web design and development. From print to web to programming to presentation we have experts who can help.

More than just design
Our business background can assist you with internet strategies for marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you’re a corporation with a base outside the USA, we can help you establish a presence in that potentially lucrative market. As we know how businesses are run in the United States, we can help you avoid costly mistakes by making you aware of local business habits and expectations.

More than a decade of excellent service
Swisslogic was founded in 1999. Our expert team has over ten years of experience in all aspects of web design and development.