SWITCH EV is a partnership between Future Transport Systems and Vinci Energies UK

We are the only company that operates electric vehicle infrastructure and offers development solutions independent of technology and energy supply. We offer a highly flexible service to meet with the unknowns associated with EV infrastructure development.

Working with SWITCH EV offers 4 key benefits:

The use of Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)
Developed in partnership with several charge point manufacturers, this offers an extremely simple national and international back office that communicates directly with charge points manufactured by a range of OCPP compatible suppliers.

SWITCH EV is not tied to any equipment manufacturer or electricity supplier so offers an entirely flexible solution.

Planning and development support
SWITCH EV leads the UK in terms of expertise and experience in designing, developing and delivering EV infrastructure projects. We can provide comprehensive assistance with the development of your project.

The SWITCH EV infrastructure operating model is designed to offer flexibility to help manage initial investment as well as on-going revenue. We work flexibly with clients who may wish to have different levels of administrative and operational involvement.

EV infrastructure is a very new concept, Switch EV aims to work with clients to manage the opportunities as well as challenges.