SwitchGenie LLC is a lighting control equipment manufacturer and developer that offers electronic switching ballasts and primary switches and software to control commercial lighting.  The objective is to cut energy usage and provide light level selection to those using the buildings.  
SwitchGenie has an electronic switching distributed intelligence lighting control system.  The inclusion of a microprocessor inside a fixture with two or more lamps for the purpose of setting light levels is the basic claim in the two patents issued to SwitchGenie.  
Because of the proliferation of computer controlled devices in the HVAC industry, the security industry, the fire alarm industry and the building automation industry microprocessors have become accepted as part of the control systems.  Now it is common to have intelligent devices have two way communications.
Except for the lighting industry.  The light fixture is basically the same as it was in 1940 when it first came into common use.  The difficulty in putting a microprocessor inside a light fixture is significant because of the voltages, the heat and the resistance to change.  
The technology was difficult to apply but SwitchGenie was able to make electronic step dimming a reality.  Turning off lights is the key.   The main feature of a SwitchGenie product is to turn on “one lamp at a time…”   This provides 3 levels of light from a normal 3 lamp fixture.   This is the most popular fixture in offices and schools.  
Now when you turn on a light switch all the lamps in the fixture come on.  Like a radio with no volume control.  SwitchGenie allows you to have as many levels of light as you have lamps in the fixture.  The energy savings are directly proportional to the light output.  50% of the lights on uses 50% of the energy and puts out 50% of the light.
Commercial Lighting Overview
Energy for lighting costs U.S. businesses and consumers more than $50 billion annually.   When energy operating costs are compared with the costs of lamps, fixtures, controls, and wiring, energy accounts for 80 percent of total lighting expenditures.   Overall about 22% of U.S. electrical energy, approximately equivalent to the output of 100 large power plants, is used for lighting while in a commercial facility lighting can account for more than 40% of electricity usage.  
The solution?  Lighting controls can reduce lighting energy consumption by 50 percent in existing buildings and by at least 35% in new construction.
For the financial incentive alone there is a growing market for improved lighting efficiency.  The obvious paths to improving lighting efficiency are to move from less efficient to more efficient sources of illumination, add lighting controls, or both.  Strategic applications of lighting solutions could trim billions of dollars from the nation’s annual lighting energy bill.
The market for SwitchGenie products currently is restricted to commercial lighting.  The commercial, industrial, institutional applications account for 40% of the U.S. lighting fixtures & equipment market or an estimated $4.8 billion market.   The SwitchGenie ballast is intended to replace a standard fluorescent T8 ballast with 4 lamps or less.  Unlike normal ballasts that are either on or off the SwitchGenie ballast contains a microprocessor that allows lamps to be turned on one by one achieving bi-level switching.
The SwitchGenie primary switch goes into any fixture that has 2 or more ballasts.  
The various SwitchGenie control products can be used to achieve different levels of lighting control.
SwitchGenie™ Basic
    Works with your existing switches and wiring all that needs to be changed is the ballast.  
SwitchGenie™ Push Button Control
Easy installation. Switches and low voltage telephone wires installed with ballast
SwitchGenie™ Wireless Control
No need to rewire. RF Wire eliminator installed to create a wireless system.
SwitchGenie™ Zone Control
Create computer controlled lighting groups
SwitchGenie™ Custom Zone Control
Create custom lighting groups with lights that can be individually controlled

SwtichGenie is an energy saving device.  It is digitally controlled and can communicate with the Building Automation Systems.  The time clock scheduling of the lights with the HVAC equipment will allow the building owners and managers to control peak demand and total power consumption.  

DayLighting Harvesting to take advantage of day lighting is easy to do on a digital network.  Occupancy sensing of people in the space can also be done digitally on the control side without extra relays or contactors.

The zoning of light fixtures and the grouping of lights in groups different from the way they are wired is an additional advantage.

SwitchGenie is seeking investor partners for financial participation in this exciting business.   An executive summary is available on request.