Sue Woledge is the owner and blogger at the website 'The Square Of Life' (address: www.thesquareoflife.com).  She is also a writer, natural therapist, Mum and Grandma. Sue is passionate about natural health and is an advocate for living and eating in line with nature's intentions.

Sue hopes that by sharing her own journey and learning that has come from her life long weight issues and health challenges she can help others with theirs and she realises that in our modern world there is so much information to sift through (much of it misleading marketing by large corporations) that most people are simply overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

Sue's books and website are filled with information shared in plain English and (she hopes) easy to understand concepts that others can implement into their lives to help to improve their health and their lives.  

Sue is also very passionate about educating families and children on healthy eating, teaching them the difference between 'real food' and the processed foods containing chemicals and little nutrition and helping them to understand the differences that food can make to the way their bodies work.