Shenzhen Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd. is one professional LED light manufacturer which specialized in LED tubes producing, research and development, and sales. Established in May 2007, Syhdee has its own SMT workshop with 5 sets of SMT machines; process lines with 3 assembly lines and 2 automatic aging burning test lines; and professional experimental laboratory with 2 spectrophotometers, goniophotometer, constant temperature and humidity chamber, as well as various kinds of test equipments.

In August 2009, Syhdee decided to give up multiple LED lights products making and began to concentrate on LED tubes only. From 2010 to 2013, we offer professional LED tube solutions and has gradually become the reliable LED tube OEM&ODM project supplier for our customers all over the world.

In February 2014, Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd. Huizhou branch set up to meet the greater customer demands and LED lighting industry development. New factory Syhdee Industrial Park was located in the Central Industrial Area, ShuikouTown, Huizhou and occupied a manufactory of 28900 square meter. So far Syhdee has possessed its own unique Syhdee Industrial Park. Making Syhdee Industrial Park the professional LED lights manufactory to high standard, realizing 1,000,000 monthly output and enriching process lines, will be our next step.

Syhdee is dedicated to offering the turnkey LED tube solutions for customers all over the world. Let us be your reliable LED tube supplier!