SYMA Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. is venturing into starting chain of modern and trendy dental clinics equipped with advanced and high-tech infrastructure offering unique benefits to the patients through various membership plans.

We are offering many benefits to our members such as free check-up, monthly sessions on dental hygiene, preventive dental care for kids, free pick-up and drop off facility for elderly patients besides considerable discounts on dental procedures. We have deployed Digital Radiography System which captures and analyzes high quality Dental Radiography quickly and easily. It’s more practical, more comfortable and more reliable than traditional radiography system.

SYMA Dental Care has a very strong board of Dental Specialists in the areas of Dental Implants, Orthodontic Treatments, Endodontic Treatments and Pedodontic Treatments.

Dental implants have made people not only look better but also chew with confidence and we are offering very cost effective and practical solutions to those who have lost their smiles due to loss of teeth.

High Quality and Modern Equipments, Air Conditioned and hygienic clinics, Well Trained Staff, Supported by professionally managed Customer Service, Various membership plans to suite size of your family