Symphonic Distribution strives to provide record labels and artists effective and affordable delivery solutions and tools to spread their music worldwide with unparalleled customer support. As a music producer, Jorge Brea launched the company in 2006. Since its launch, the company has become one of the leading distributors in the U.S. for thousands of independent electronic artists around the globe. The company focuses in the delivery of music to stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Rhapsody, Amazon and emerging platforms such as Spotify, Beats Music and other major download and streaming sites. The company has also expanded their offering to include Publishing Administration, Sync Licensing and YouTube monetization — the key revenue-generating services needed in today’s thriving music industry.

Symphonic’s team of passionate individuals pride themselves on offering quick responses and direct one-on-one conversations and the advising of clients, from the basics of managing a social network and mastering to brand development and fine-tuning a marketing plan. Symphonic Distribution is committed to educating and giving their clients the tools they need as independent artists to take control of their careers and thrive.