The Latest in large format Military Grade 3D Printers
Need a heavy duty large format 3D printer that can handle rough environments and produce large scale topographical and building structural displays from a 3D LIDAR data point cloud? That’s what the US Marines needed. They found the answer in the Amphibious Assault Planning System, a turnkey solution using a Syncromaxx High Speed Large Format Military Grade PLA 3D printer (www.syncronetics.com) with integrating software to import and convert large point cloud data collected by TopCon GLS 2000 Laser Scanners. The large format 42” x 42” x 30” print volume can accommodate a wide range of topographical and photogrammetric printing requirements, including aerial and sub­surface surveys. Other applications include: architectural work, asset surveying, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering of forming tools or automotive or construction components such as large castings. Taking the place of the traditional “Terrain Modeling Sand Table”, Syncromaxx 3D is functional on both land and sea, with the ability to print true even when the unit is not level. How? 5 Key Features:
● A fully enclosed, temperature controlled build chamber and heated printbed, assuring optimal control of critical process variables
● Unique, powerful gear­drive systems with generous torque reserves to assure high precision, accuracy, repeatability and print consistency
● Advanced control system and related electronics with the ability to import and rapidly process large data files, contributing to product quality
● Fully integrated data chain including the original point cloud, 3D surfacing software, mesh generation and error correction, 3D model generation, data
processing through the .STL format to the final print
● Industrial grade construction and components, such as a robust fabricated chassis­frame in corrosion resistant aluminum, assuring the precise and durable location of printer operating mechanisms.
This printer is proudly developed and built in the USA.
In addition to their Military and Industrial Grade systems, Syncronetics is continually developing new capabilities including high speed printing, hybrid printing and various post finishing processes.
Syncronetics is also finalizing the development of a high quality Small Business 3D Printer designed to serve the sub­cubic foot space in the light industrial market.
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