Synergistics Premier Banking created the first ATM access control system. Today’s financial services industry consistently turns to us for solutions that address every aspect of security – whether it’s door access, data protection, or asset tracking software.

Synergistics Premier Banking is the access control partner of choice for leading financial institutions, like Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, Wachovia, SunTrust, the IRA, and over 100,000 Synergistics systems are currently used by the banking industry.

Based on Presidio, our highly advanced, web-based access control software system, our Banking/ATM solution delivers reliable, round-the-clock security that’s simple to use, affordable and tremendously powerful.

Synergistics Premier Banking, since 1960, is an innovator in providing complete access control systems through the use of advanced cardholder technology.  Synergistics Premier Banking created the first ATM access control system. Servicing industries and organizations requiring varying levels of restricted entry for the past 50 years, Synergistics Premier Banking is large enough to meet all of your banking access control needs, but small enough to offer customized solutions and service.  

Designed to function in the most extreme climates, Synergistics Premier Banking’s ATM systems have been installed in more than 100,000 + locations worldwide.

Committed to quality from the point of design through the manufacturing process, Premier Banking’s ATM systems assure customers of an extremely reliable security checkpoint.  Compatible with more than 40 combinations of Premier Banking’s manufactured card readers, existing systems can be easily upgraded or replaced at minimal cost and disruption.

Manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards, our products are completely self-contained systems that require no expensive computers or software for support.  Simple to install in any vestibule setting, they provide the customer with a highly durable and complete access control system.