SYNERGOS is an Integrated Digital Marketing Company based in Bangalore, growing into Technological Marketing. We at SYNERGOS are always thinking ahead to achieve 3I's: Innovating, Implementing and Improving new digital marketing technologies & strategies.

We at SYNERGOS provide an integrated digital marketing solution to brands who would like to use the new age digital medium to reach out to its target audience, in a cost effective and efficient way. We handle all types of digital and display marketing campaigns including:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SMM (Social Media Management)
ORM (Online Reputation Management)
CAM (Client Acquisition Management)
Display-Banners, E-mail marketing, etc.

We are also innovating and discovering new techniques in Mobile Marketing to connect with your Target Audience at a micro level, communicating with each of your prospective clients in the most optimum and cost efficient way.