About T-Rex

Tech geeks and music freaks

T-Rex Engineering is a company that simply had to be born. Founders Lars Dahl and Sebastian Jensen were (and still are) both tech geeks and music freaks – and they started the company in 1996 so they could build the best guitar MIDI gear on the planet. They achieved their goal quickly, producing the legendary Mac1 MIDI controller and BigFoot MIDI board. But change was in the air, and T-Rex was set to lead the way.

A new era for the electric guitar

By the late 90s, guitarists who had thrown away their shoulder pads at the start of the decade were now ditching complicated amp-and-effects racks – and replacing them with vintage-sounding combo amps and a few simple stomp boxes. The problem was that late-90s pedals didn’t live up to the standards set by a new generation of tube amplifiers. At least not until T-Rex Engineering delivered its first pedals.

Pedals as precision instruments

From the moment T-Rex started making guitar pedals, the company knew where it was headed. T-Rex wanted to make simple pedals that each did one thing superbly. Like fine musical instruments, T-Rex pedals used whatever combination of technologies was needed, offered a brilliantly simple user interface, and delivered astonishing sound however they were used. The first series of pedals culminated in what is arguably the best guitar delay ever produced: the T-Rex Replica.

Commercial success and sharp growth

By 2002, T-Rex was confident that it had a formula for success with guitarists around the globe – but the company was virtually unknown outside Denmark. Steen Melgaard was hired, and T-Rex began an aggressive push into foreign markets. A debut appearance at the Franfurt Musikmesse quickly led to distribution deals throughout Europe, Japan and the USA. Today, T-Rex pedals are sold in some 45 countries around the world.

A passion for superior tone

T-Rex has come a long way since 1996, but the company is still driven by its original spark – a passionate belief that the right technology can do great things for how music sounds. Today, the “right technology” is an ideal balance of analogue warmth and digital precision – engineered from the ground up to serve the practical needs of working musicians. T-Rex Engineering is convinced that this formula for success will continue to help deliver superior tone on stages and in studios around the world.