Tabasom was born in 1980 in Tehran, Iran, and studied International Affairs and Applied Art at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Since 2002, her work has been exhibited and is included in collections such as Art Basel Miami, Georgetown University exhibit, Frame Art Gallery, SOMIArtWalk, Brickell ArtWalk, Coconut Grove ArtWalk, Mogra Gallery and Park Slope, NY.

Tabasom’s work blends methods of Pop Art with craft-making to create a unique style of “jewelry on canvas.” Her work explores her contemporary fascinations with desire, immortality and passion.

 Tabasom believes the world is expressed in pairs, good and evil, yin and yang, living proof of accepting opposites. We are duality and, like the elements, we have the ability to change. Transformation happens in an instant and every moment is an opportunity for a fresh new start.  She believes that Art allows us to connect deeply with another and share our love to heal one another.

The Butterfly Project is Tabasom’s symbolic interpretation of that truth. Survival depends on our ability to successfully enter and exit various stages in our lives. The Butterflies also symbolize a state of Nirvana, or eternal happiness that we strive to achieve in our physical worlds. The use of resin preserves the paintings against time and aging. The textures encourage the paintings to be touched, stimulating a personal relationship with the canvas and the energy of the artist. 

Tabasom continues to work on the Butterfly Project in addition to other installations. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild Union and also a commercial/print model represented by Runways Models & Talent, Talent Direct Agency and Boca Models & Talent. She recently auditioned for the hit TV Show Shark Tank to find an investor for her Art Merchandising business. Her goal is TV sales on HSN and QVC to combine her background in art, acting and business for the sale of her therapeutic Art Quilts. A percentage of all her sales will go to charity. Tabasom resides in Miami, FL.

Her website is: www.tabasomart.com