. Tabber creates a whole new field of visual learning for your guitar that makes it easier for people to learn guitar and for seasoned musicians to put on a unique light show for performances. The notes you need to play light up on the neck of the guitar making it easy to sound like a rock star.
An open-­‐source light-­‐based guitar teacher, Tabber has13 LED lights on a sleeve that easily attaches to the neck of any guitar to teach the user how to play. The system uses Bluetooth technology to control all of the lights from your mobile device. With a special phone app, users can download songs, chords, scales, light patterns, and music lessons that will light up the appropriate LEDs to help you play along.
Music Everywhere, a RI based company, was co-­‐founded by Rob Sanchez and Ryan Rogowski. Rob is a 23 year-­‐old entrepreneur who has gone through two startup incubators: Founder Institute and Betaspring. Ryan is an electrical and systems engineer who also attended Betaspring. The duo are passionate about music and seek to make playing music accessible to more people by providing products to encourage people to have a fun musical experience. The idea for Tabber was the result of Rob’s desire to play the guitar, already a

drummer, he found learning the guitar difficult. He came up with the idea for Tabber to allow people of all ages to easily learn and play the guitar. Recently, the music loving team partnered with Kipp Bradford, whose expertise in both electrical and mechanical engineering helped them develop an award-­‐winning prototype. They just won the national Angelhack award, coming in first place out of 100 start-­‐up teams.