We can provide both project-based and ongoing human resources services.  Our ongoing program is based on support provided to the business based on the estimated human resources need for the organization (for example, a very small business with very few HR-related issues may only need 1-2 hours per month of on-site, on-call, and/or remote support.  Below are additional services provided by Table Rock Consulting:

*  Provide customized human resources consulting services that realize a positive return on investment (ROI) for employers. We help target the blind spots and pain points in small to medium sized businesses in order to develop and implement cost-effective human resources solutions.
*  If the HR function in an organization is lacking, the costs have gone through the roof, or if your HR Department has just gotten too complicated, I can help build (or rebuild) the solid employee foundation for your business. More often than not, especially in a start-up situation, a growth phase or if a business is going through a state of transition, it simply may not make sense to hire a high-level HR position.
*  Work with businesses to define a mix and match of services in order to provide the ideal support needed given the current business state and circumstances.
*  Assist small businesses in the education and strategy development regarding Health Care Reform (also known as Affordable Care Act or Obama Care).
*  Create and implement personalized employee training and development programs.
*  Operate as a strategic partner with key organizational leadership without a conflict of interest with the ultimate goal on long-term growth and sustainability for the business.