We are passionate about technology and feel that tablets and smartphones add value to our everyday lives.  We also realize that with this rapid advancement, there have been some shortcomings in the way of training, customization and security.

We send certified and fully insured techs to your home or office to ensure those three pillars are taken care of and you can use the technology as it was meant to be used.  

In addition to our initial set up and training, we offer advanced services that would allow you to access your laptop or PC from your tablet, view the contents of your tablet on your TV, and wirelessly print from your tablet.

We ensure that you have coverage options for support by offering a monthly support package as well as an option for annual discount.  This makes sure that if you have a question after we leave, you don't have to pay another hefty fee for us to show up onsite.  In most cases we can walk you through it over the phone.  

Adding on to the support package, we offer "insurance" on the device where if we can not fix/troubleshoot it to resolution, we will replace the device for a deductible.

Visit www.tabtechs.com for more info.