At Tactical Classroom Limited we specialize in delivering expert firearms instruction and coaching to passionate people who want to take their shooting skills to the next level.  

What we can offer…

- Specifically Tailored Firearms & Tactics Courses For Military / LE
- Specifically Tailored Firearms Courses For Civilians
- “One On One” Coaching & Consulting
- World Class “Online” Based Firearm Courses
- And more…

How It All Started…

Tactical Classroom Ltd was founded in 2017 by Jeremy Geurtjens, then an Active Service Police Officer with a Counter Terrorism and High Threat Tactical Policing background.

A few months earlier (late 2016) he was delivering a Precision Rifle Class to a group of Part-Time Tactical Officers.

During the course of the class, many of the students commented on the fact they wished such quality training was available to them throughout the year…not just once every 12 to 24 months.

As a result, Jeremy felt the NEED to ensure that quality firearms training was available 24/7 for those that needed it and who couldn’t attend LIVE training sessions.

The question of how to achieve that goal remained…

That’s when it occurred to Jeremy…what about leveraging the power of the Internet?

And so, the concept of Tactical Classroom was born…

The idea expanded to include ALL folks with a passion for firearms and who had a desire to become more proficient in their use…not just Military and Law Enforcement personnel.

A little bit about Jeremy…

Jeremy is the Owner and Founder of Tactical Classroom Ltd.

His background is Tactical Law Enforcement…specifically Counter-Terrorism, Sniper/Counter Sniper, Close Protection, and other High Risk Tactical Policing roles.

In professional sport, a “great player” rarely goes on to become a “great coach” later in their career. Jeremy believes that this principle also applies to Firearms Coaching.

Just because a person has the required “skill set” and is capable of performing at the highest levels of Military, Law Enforcement, or Competition, it doesn’t mean that they are the best person to teach those skills.

So basically, Jeremy believes that the Adult Learning and Education courses that he has completed over the years are the most important skills that he has.

Those Adult Learning & Education courses taught him not only how students learn new skills BUT ALSO, what it takes to teach those skills properly.

The fact that he has a background in Tactical Law Enforcement, that he is a qualified Firearms Instructor, and that he continues to shoot in competition is simply a bonus.

When he is not working, he enjoys hunting with his friends and spending quality time with his family.