•     eRepublik Labs is a dynamic, innovative start-up which envisions transforming the way strategy games are created, distributed and played by leveraging the power of communities.

•     Co-founded in 2007 by Alexis Bonte who was selected as a Young Global Leader in 2012 by the World Economic Forum at Davos in 2012. Alexis is an active investor (e.g. non-executive chairman of Zonga.fm, a music streaming app that counts Vodafone as a main partner) and a recognized speaker and panellist (CEBIT, Gamelab, Interactive Entertainment Summit, GDC Europe etc.).

•     With offices in Bucharest, Dublin and Madrid, eRepublik Labs benefits from a team of pioneers, who have been developing mobile games for more than 10 years - everything from J2ME to iOS and Android.

•     Since its foundation, eRepublik Labs has been recognised with some of the most prestigious awards in the European industry. These include Special Jury Prize for Best European Start-up by Le Web (2007), Winner of the TechCrunch FOWA European Startup pitch competition (2008), listed 22nd on the TechCrunch Europe top 100 Startups, Official Honouree at The Webby Awards (2010) and nominated on The Telegraph Tech Start-Up Top 100 (2011).

•     The first game to be released was eRepublik.com, a very successful free-to-play IP with over 5 million registered players over its 6 years of continuing success. eRepublik.com is a mirror vision of the real world in which gamers can interact with other citizens, creating original content, jobs, companies, political parties or by declaring war and invading other countries.

•     The eRepublik Labs team loves turn-based strategy games and, when the moment came to craft a new game world for mobile gamers, the vision was clear; they wanted to offer a free-to-play turn-based strategy game, where players would have full tactical control of their heroes during epic battles against other players.

•     In the words of Alexis, “Turn-based games fans deserved a high-quality multiplayer game that set new standards and was made for tablets. Now, thanks to Tactical Heroes, they will be able to experience turn-based strategy battles on their iPads for free”.

•     For mid to hard core gamers, playing Tactical Heroes presents an opportunity to test their strategic abilities to the limit. Raiding other players’ bases offers millions of tactical possibilities in an immersive, 3D multiplayer experience.

•     Tactical Heroes is coming to iPad (2nd generation or later) for free on June 26th in the New Zealand, Indonesia, Spain, Romania and Canada App Store. After this initial release, eRepublik Labs will expand the scope to 28+ languages for full launch (same as eRepublik.com)