Tactrick Mobile Solutions has incorporated three broad directions under one brand. We run a mobile ad network, Android app publishing and an Android Developer Cup.

The Tactrick Mobile Ad Network is an advertising platform that serves ads into mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices. Tactrick cooperates globally with advertisers on the one hand, and with publishers on another. Tactrick’s partners are provided with robust setting and analytics tools for advanced account management.

Advertising partners launch their ad campaigns with specific targeting and cost settings. Publishing partners have a great way to monetize their apps through mobile advertising.The Tactrick Network gives an opportunity for mobile traffic exchange, so publishers may act as advertisers, and vice versa. Each new publishing partner is welcomed with a $200 bonus for SDK installation. As for new advertising partners, they get plus 50% to their initial advertising budget.

A stable growth of 50% per month enables us to hold promotion events for developers and invest in promising projects. Tactrick Mobile Solutions is deeply engaged with the mobile market, and is open to new partnership ideas.