Tactus Therapy Solutions is a leader in speech-language pathology apps for iOS, specializing in therapeutic tools for adults with acquired communication impairments and children with special needs. Their best-selling apps feature ageless and respectful design, intuitive user interface, and evidence-based therapy techniques. Tactus Therapy apps can be found in hospitals, clinics, aphasia centers, schools, and homes all over the world.

Designed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, these apps provide clinicians and their clients with reliable tools for therapy and home practice. The apps use real photos, functional vocabulary, and natural speech to appeal to a variety of ages.

Tactus Therapy Solutions creates high-quality apps focusing on language, speech, and cognitive skills important for the development of communication skills as well as rehabilitation of damaged abilities after stroke or brain injury. A unique feature of the apps is the built-in cueing and multiple levels, allowing each app to be used with a variety of clients and grow with them as they improve. Scoring and professional emailed reports make the TherAppy apps even more useful.