Tag Sell It Inc. was founded in October 2007 as an alternative to the existing auction and e-classified sites. Tagsellit.com is designed to solve the challenges of individuals with personal or household items that they wish to sell, but are unable to host a physical tag sale. The site also allows companies to create virtual sales as an efficient means to market and sell their items and inventories. This approach allows sellers to post multiple items that will be displayed on one sale page.

Our virtual tag sale site allows buyers and sellers to connect on both a local and national level. Tagsellit.com facilitates the initial communication from the potential buyer to the seller. The seller’s email address remains anonymous unless he or she chooses to respond to a potential buyer. This hybrid approach offers the following benefits not found on traditional auction and e-classified sites:

Sellers are able to...

-Create virtual tag sales for a small listing fee and post up to 200 items with pictures and prices without paying commissions
-Manage their sales by deleting sold items and adding new ones through the duration of their sale
-Remain anonymous in deciding which potential buyers to communicate with

Buyers are able to...

-Search by location to trade locally if desired
-Search for items using a sophisticated keyword and tag search
-Contact sellers to barter item prices and shipping as needed

Our Mission...

To provide a virtual tag sale service based website designed for buyers and sellers to connect locally and nationally to list, sell and purchase multiple items within one posting. Tagsellit.com is an organized, dynamic user-friendly site that eliminates commissions and streamlines the current listing marketplace. We strive to provide the utmost integrity and service for our users.