Tahiti's Breeze Keeps Recreational Water Clean

Microcontaminants in swimming and recreational water is a threat every year, yet is rarely considered. Most public pools and lakes are ineffective at preventing microcontaminants from proliferating in the water. They lead to recreational water illnesses (RWI).

Swim and Do Recreational Water Activities in Safe Water

Tahiti's Breeze will use a revolutionary technology that creates a safe water environment for water activities. This technology was created by a talented biochemist to implement strict water quality standards. The water is monitored and filtered to thwart any threats.

People can still have fun in the water because…

•    Monitored and filtered water eliminates the possibility of microcontaminants like viruses, bacteria, and parasites to prevent illnesses
•    The public can have peace of mind that they do not have to worry about microscopic threats in the water
•    The technology uses significantly less chlorine to prevent skin conditions, eye irritations, and diseases like cancer

Stay safe in the water with Tahiti's Breeze. It eliminates water-borne microorganisms in swimming pools with a patented, filtered, revolutionary technology.