The online platform offers courses that have been carefully designed and produced with the beginner in mind. The courses are segmented into manageable chapters and presented with clear instructions. Learning the ancient art forms of Tai Chi & Qi Gong are made accessible on this platform, and students leave feeling confident in acquiring new skills to complement their fitness routines.

Tai Chi has been proven over and over to have clear health benefits such as mental clarity, building muscle strength, softening aging joints, and developing balance. Athletes include these moving meditations as a compliment to their existing disciplines and to elevate their mental focus.

Tai chi and Qi Gong have also been found to be processes through which spiritual development has occurred. Enriching their human experience.

Overall, these disciplines have lasted over centuries for a reason. And with the lack of equipment needed, it becomes a moving meditation that you travel well.

Tai Chi Wellness Online presents these systems in a comprehensive, user-friendly way. The objective is to get seekers present in their bodies in a gentle and mindful way.

Visit: www.TaiChiWellness.online for more information and access to the library of courses available for purchase with a sliding scale option.