Introducing TAILGATE OLYMPICS - 35 beach backyard party-sport games in 1, based on the 1000 year old Viking game kubb (pronounced coob) that millions play worldwide.  If you can throw batons at blocks or pitch coins into blocks, you can enjoy fun new versions of bocce, bowling, beer pong, golf, croquet, horseshoes, lawn darts, washers, shuffleboard, & cornhole.  This game-changer is ideal for friends and family because games are easy to learn and anyone can win.  Comes with 3 red blocks, 3 blue blocks, & 3 white batons made in the USA out of smooth, strong, waterproof plastic.  Visit www.tailgateolympics.com to receive 35 games for 35 bucks with FREE shipping.  The Olympics are for the world’s greatest athletes…TAILGATE OLYMPICS are for the rest of us.  Now be a Viking and knock your buddy’s block off.