We are the authorized agent for Ungerer Australia Pty Ltd in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. We have full support from our principal to make available quality fragrances, flavours and essential oils in these regions.
We have experienced personnel in the Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry, and also the Food and Beverage Industry. As a small company, we are able to cater and serve small to mid-size manufacturers.
We are fully committed to provide excellent service and create customer satisfaction.
We welcome inquiries on our products and are happy to answer questions.

Fragrance - We have an extensive range of fragrances for various applications - household, air care and industrial products to cosmetics, toiletries, candles and fine fragrances.
Flavour - Our flavours come in both powder and liquid formats, which can be formulated to be water-soluble or oil-soluble depending on application.  They are available in Natural, Natural Identical and Artificial legislation.
Essential Oil - Please visit our website for a list of normal essential oils and 14 specially formulated allergen reduced essential oils.