About Us
Take Portugal want to surprise you with a selection of the portuguese finest products.
Our aim is to promote and disseminate high quality Portuguese products, brands, craftsmen and national designers that are normally not available outside Portugal.

The overwhelming majority of our small producers cannot expand across national borders due to their remote location within Portugal and reduced ability create brands, advertise and disseminate their products.

Take Portugal is a quality label, for those who love excellence and authenticity.

We strive everyday to get traditional and contemporaneous Portuguese design inspirations.

Through our website, with a single click you will discover the very best Portuguese products including high standard handcrafts, gastronomic delights and contemporary design.

Apart from the sophisticated visiting tourists, our aims are to reach the Portuguese community abroad; Portuguese speaking countries and also the sophisticated connoisseurs around the world and delivering a superb niche products selection.

Portugal has so much to offer that it might seem hard to choose.

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