Welcome to Takeuchi Galleries! Having been in business for almost three decades, we have found a constant need to re-adapt to the ever changing Art World. However nothing has quite been the same as recent years. Thankfully due to the rapidly changing world of information technology and social media we have realized once again in order to survive we must utilize the internet in addition to all of the years of experience as a traditional gallery. Furthermore, we have put together a strategic publicity campaign and marketing plan to further produce Mega-Art Shows in order to continuously create newsworthy publicity. Having produced over 300+ shows over the years, we have implemented one additional though important change. Rather than doing all of our shows in the same location and sitting on our gallery 7 days a week awaiting clients to walk in, we have for the last few years and continue to produce Mega-Art Shows in different geographic areas enabling us to expand our already large following and client list. However it was very difficult to drive all of our new clients to our gallery in addition to being geographically restrictive. This website will enable us to offer our featured artist to a global audience. We are very excited to see what the future holds for our company.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are a BRAND NEW WEBSITE and we absolutely intend to add a large number of additional artists to our site, however for our up and coming show FEATURING the WORLD RENOWNED ARTIST CAO YONG: in addition to ORIGINALS being available we have a full inventory of LIMITED EDITIONS for sale. We are currently working on another site with all of our price points. PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR PURCHASE PRICES and SIZES AVAILABLE IN REGARDS TO CAO YONG LIMITED EDITIONS. For additional show information please see our press release in the EVENTS page of this website. We thank you for your interest and support.

One additional note: Our company selects artist based on 'Talent' and we welcome ALL ARTIST WHETHER YOU ARE KNOWN OR UNKNOWN to submit to us for consideration. The GREAT news is that we do have a large stable of renowned and established artists we will soon be adding that will help insure that this will surely be a high traffic website that will continue to grow! Please email art submissions to derektadashitakeuchi@gmail.com or call (424)213-0996 Derek Tadashi Takeuchi