About TalentGuard, Inc.
TalentGuard helps global organizations address talent and career management issues pertaining to growth, operational excellence and emerging trends. We help companies transform their HR organizations and overcome challenges in employee productivity, people performance, leadership development and workforce diversity. TalentGuard is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit www.talentguard.com

TalentGaurd offers consulting services and customized training programs to help HR grow talent, reduce costs and improve performance. Our capabilities span five key areas:
•     Competency Development  
•     Career Development/Planning
•     Career Pathing
•     Succession Planning
•     Talent Assessments and Audits  

Career/Workforce Service Centers
We offer comprehensive training and certification programs for organizations that deliver career services to the public.  These organizations include private practice, university career centers, alumni centers, workforce centers, and veterans career programs.

Channel Partners
TalentGuard delivers career seminars across the country to organizations and government agencies that are required to offer placement services to students as part of their curriculum.  Individual and veteran-focused programs are also offered.   TalentGuard’s results-oriented seminars have resulted in 97% of our professionals and students meeting their stated career goals within 60 days instead of the national average of 6 months, giving our clients a true advantage in today's competitive and ever-changing economy.