Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. pioneered the original invention of three Collagen Type II  for dietary supplements and the first to introduce Collagen Types , II, and III food supplements to the market more than 20  years ago. We develop the finest ingredients with uncompromising integrity for maximum effectiveness. As such, Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. guarantees client satisfaction through its incentive co-branding marketing program and unsurpassed customer support. Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. specializes in quality collagen nutritional ingredients as well as a broad range of cutting-edge nutraceuticals that are recognized globally for cardiovascular, joint, skin, eye health and anti-aging support. Our latest inventions are Telos95 (Telomere Health Support) backed by Human Clinical Study to reduce cellular age and halts the shortening of telomers.  KollaJell (Edible Jellyfish Collagen) rich in macroelments and Glumatic Acids that plays a major role in brain and the gut functions..