Talk.io is a new product designed for everyone who wants to meet and chat with new people. It presents a whole new approach to outdated concept of internet chat application. The product has been created for all those people who are ready to make new friends beyond  social networking sites.

Talk.io is a product for all those people who are ready to build new connections. Existing social networks (e.g. Facebook or Google+) prefer users’ activity within existing circles of friends. What is more, they expect a continuous display of their true identity. Both of these features restrict the freedom of making completely new, valuable contacts.

Talk.io provides a safe space that is free of these limitations. It offers hassle-free entry to main chat features such as searching for new people and holding conversations. Users don't have to be registered to send chat invites to other and chatting with them, everything in a simple and convenient way.

An automatic profile can be fully configured by uploading an image, selecting a nickname, specifying gender and age. Users have additional fun in creating their own cool internet identities (even if they are fake ones). Thanks to matching mechanism users can unexpectedly get to know interesting people and gain experience of pleasurable serendipity.

User accounts can be also integrated with their accounts on social networking services (Facebook, YouTube, Last.fm, Foursquare, Linkedin). Data collected from these services helps in assigning a user to groups of interest on talk.io, where they can find similar people. Extensive integration with Facebook is another important feature. If one talk.io user is online on Facebook, they’re on talk.io too.