Talon Tech Inc. has designed, developed, and patented a light weight golf bag that features the first easy to use built in locking system. This unique system secures the entire golf bag and each club individually. The golf bag is the first simple and convenient way to secure your equipment both on and off the golf course.

The locking system is an assembly of durable glass filled nylon injection molded parts. The assembled unit locks and unlocks the clubs in the bag; by toggling a handle on the side of the bag, up and down. When the handle is in the locked position, various holes line up to accommodate the shackle of a keyed or combination lock. Place the lock into any of the holes provided. To secure the bag, use a cable with loops on both ends. Place the first loop on the shackle of the lock, then guide the other end of the cable around or thru a stationary object. Attach the second loop to the shackle of the lock, and close the lock.