Seldom is a product introduced to the sports-safety market that offers as unique and as simple a solution to a need that is voiced by every player on the field. The Talon Vise is the first and only helmet attachment providing discreet and secure mouth guard placement. Perfectly positioned and easily accessible, the Talon Vise completely eliminates all the frustrations  associated with mouth guards. No more straps, forcing into helmet holes or face grills, dropped, or lost mouth guards.

Talon Vise,the company, is  Maryland based  with operations including design, marketing and retail partner management supporting the Talon Vise branded product potfolio with sales representatives in 50 states.Board of Directors; James Caprara, Judy Harrison, Jimmie Owens, Dallas Harrison. website; www.talonvise.com  Contact: GetAGrip@talonvise.net