MDesign Media is a full service media and marketing design firm located in Tampa Bay. Marie Furman, owner, has the artistic insight and experience to lead a seasoned creative team of graphics experts and website designers.

MDesign Media specializes in providing website, graphic, logo, print, illustrative and interactive design services for all your business and marketing needs. We also offer focused and compelling video presentations, corporate training and sales presentations and promotional material production that can be distributed on a variety of formats.

We believe that your graphics should accurately convey who you are and what you represent in a visually appealing fashion. Couple this philosophy, with our dedication to quality website designs at affordable prices, MDesign Media has become one of the most well respected graphic arts firms in the Tampa, Florida area.

But enough about us. What about our clients? Who are they? Sure we can provide you with a long list of names, but since we work with a large variety of clients in many states, we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about them. For example, some of our clients are family-run business owners who don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. They want to receive, however, the same great quality work as their competitors who have large budgets. We have helped many businesses in this category develop websites, create brochures, and duplicate CDs that could help them grow their sales.

We have also done a lot of graphic design work and developed websites for many medium-sized companies. In addition, our national corporate clients, who have an internal marketing department, need our help from time to time to redesign a brochure or resize a print advertisement when they are too busy. Other times, they may have a new product and want someone to create a logo and develop an entire marketing identity campaign and it is just a bit too much for their internal teams to manage. Whatever the need may be, we have delivered graphics that accurately convey who our client is and what they represent in a visually appealing fashion.

We even work with advertising agencies. Many times when an agency has just been awarded a new piece of business and hasn’t hired a full-time creative team yet, they have hired us as a contractor to help meet their client’s needs. Other times agencies find that a website project requires more technical expertise than they had projected when they assured their client they would be able to meet their needs. In these instances MDesign Media has been able to effectively help agencies exceed their client’s expectations, on time and on budget.

So whether you are a small business owner, a VP of Marketing at your company, or a principal of an ad agency, contact us for your graphic design services or website development needs and let us give your next project the personalized service and attention to detail that it deserves. Check out our portfolio page to see what we have done for other clients.