AngelWings Marketing is owned by a mother-daughter team. who both worked in healthcare as a career,  with big dreams of doing something new and fresh, and so AngelWings Marketing was born.
We set up AngelWings as our home base and spread out from there, with 12 websites under it's umbrella! It keeps track of updates, specials, anything new and exciting is announced on AngelWings.
The intent of this awesome site is that it brings a new face to blogging and marketing, it's owners are very  involved and the reviews reflect that, as everything is updated regularly.
AngelWings Marketing is expanding and growing with a new social outsourcing site Sociable7even.com,  and an awesome wordpress plug-in that we are very excited about WP Simplicity.com. The products and services we provide will help any business to grow online. We have also taken on having affiliates join us so now we are on the other end of marketing as well, and this has proven to be a great next step.
 AngelWings Marketing is still in it's infancy at 8 months old, so expect to see us grow and expand in new directions and ideas in the future!! Stay tuned.....