What's the secret to a flawless tan?  tanGO™ Tan Removal Cloth.  The WORLD'S FIRST tan removal cloth!  

tanGO™ is the worlds first spray and self tan removal cloth.  NO harsh chemicals, just add water and tanGO™ removes tanning errors and helps keep your tan looking perfect for longer.

tanGO™ is a specially formulated polyamide cloth, which gently removes the tanning pigment from the surface of your skin without all the harsh scrubbing or the use of chemicals. Perfect for use as a self tan or spray tan remover.

tanGO™ is the reusable, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly spray tan remover that is a must have for every tanning enthusiast.  No more orange hands and feet, just a perfect flawless tan.tanGO™ is the perfect solution we have all been waiting for. It is as easy as WET ME, SQUEEZE ME, RUB ME.

tanGO™ has been available for the last 3 years in Austrailia and now tanGO™ is available to bronzed beauties around the world. tanGO™ is the must have and only sunless tanning accessory you'll ever need.

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