Vienna: Since Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art thrilled the world with their versatility. The young pop artists Tanja Playner with its four fixed museum exhibitions in 2 years, currently one of the most successful active pop artists worldwide .

After two difficult term pregnancies Pop Art artist shines in the art world with their works of art full of strength and energy. In November 2013, the artist Tanja Playner has presented their new works in Siegfried Marcus Museum. Convinced of the Art Still , the joyful colors , the art of Pop art radiate artist , the curator of the Siegfried Marcus Museum, Mr. P.Malek has already fixed the next exhibition for winter 2014-2015 .

Enthusiastic about the implementation of their ideas and artistic thinking was also the curator of the St. Florian Fire Museum , and has worked with artist equal to 2 exhibitions in summer - autumn 2014 fixed "High Speed in your life" and "Beautiful Life" .

" Pop Art is not only an art form , it is a passion . It is a great pleasure to look at a pop art picture, because you get a kick of positive energy. I paint my pictures with joy and love in the heart and wants to give the viewer a great feeling " - says the young pop artists Tanja Playner from Austria , which combined philosophical artistic thinking with bright colors in their works of art . In their modern art Pop Art brings the young artist Tanja Playner colors and ideas into play. With its lively language , the artist sends messages to their viewers , which are easily understandable for everyone - love, success and humor can experience each viewer in their works of art . Vibrant colors and shapes make up a colorful game that invites everyone to participate.

Inspired by issues such as urban , fashion , style , modern architecture, design, nature , kids world , numerous ideas which they implemented in their works of art develop . Your oil paintings are a combination of different motives , interesting and colorful they tell the viewer always a new story.

After numerous exhibitions there are the works of the artist in private collections and in the possession of the museum .

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