Tanner Records is a digital label launched in competition with the majors in mind. We are a digital distribution based label with the major sound. Tanner Records was founded by Executive Producer  Amed A. M. Clinton. His philosophy is that everyone has a star inside of them. However, many undiscovered artists are often taken advantage of by independent and major labels and are often forced to compromise their morals and ideologies. Here at Tanner Records, we believe in providing good music with a moral compass. The purpose of this label is to flood the market with good, uplifting music, joining the struggle to bring change to urban communities “one song at a time”.

Tanner Records is a complete Label in association with Little Dipper Media, Clinton Photography and Graphic Designs. We offer our artists a fair and adequate recording contract which includes a complete package from music production, photo shoots, and art work design for singles and album projects.  Our engineers have over 15 years of experience in mixing and mastering with the latest Steinberg and Izotope technologies. Simply, we are the only digital independent label that truly invests in our artists. We do not ask you for a dime (any Label that does, is not a true independent Label).

We are also in the business of providing artists with Standard Production Contracts. In the case you are not offered a contract with us, we also offer production services at a fair and reasonable rate in which you will fully own your masters.

Our production package includes:

original music production for your songs using Steinberg Technologies

recording, mixing and mastering of your song(s)

photo shoot by Clinton Photography - in studio and on locations (traveling expenses apply in/out of state cases)

art work for your single or album by our Graphic Arts Department

In other words, a complete product ready for physical or digital distribution!
For more information Contact us at tannerrecords@gmail.com.