Airbrush Tan on the go...Shhhh - no one will know!!!!!!

Perfect for all skin types

Get that deep dark tan you've always wanted with out the damaging effects of the sun.
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Who doesn't love a good tan? I know I do!!  But the older I get the more protective I have become about my skin.  Tanning beds and beach tanning can be a long and sometimes dangerous process. I was a "sit out in the sun lathered in baby oil" teen. But now thanks to Tans Are Now Safe, spray tanning is the perfect, safe and fast solution to get that beautiful beach-like glow, no matter the season. Once you try one of my tans you will be hooked!

Worried about the shade? I have several color options to match your skin tone.
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-Salon Quality - No Mess
-Additional Products to prolong and maximize the life of your tan
-Large group discounts available
-Custom Colors, perfect for everyone
-Cancer Free
-All natural ingredients - good for your skin
-Golden Bronze and totally natural looking, like you've spent a week on an island
-Hide those imperfections, look younger and toned!
-Tan before your vacation
-Fades like a natural tan (7 days or more)
-Any type of event: Weddings, Prom, Birthday, Dance Recitals, Engagement, Maternity, Body Building Competition, Graduations, etc.
-"Girls Night Out" Tanning Party
-Tan Lines Are Optional